Introducing Play AI - A Conversational Voice Interface for AI

April 10, 2024


Introducing Play AI

Imagine a future where you can talk to your AI and get work done. That future is not far ahead.

AI Assistants will be everywhere and helping everyone. And voice will be the most powerful medium of interaction.

Our mission is to build a universal Voice Interface that every assistant, chatbot or application can integrate and be able to naturally talk to people.

Although voice interfaces exist, their quality and experience limit their adoption. 

A key reason for this is today's interfaces are built by stitching together multiple standalone components like speech recognition, text to speech and NLP or LLMs. 

This results in a ‘walkie-talkie’ like experience whose quality is only as good as the capabilities of the underlying components.

We aim to address this with a novel approach by building a single Large Dialogue Model (LDM) built on top of our state-of-the-art conversational voice models, that understands different aspects of a person’s speech and coherently responds back in the most natural form while handling perfect interruptions and turn-taking.

Our premise is that the more natural experience a person has interacting vocally with AI, the more useful and accessible AI will become. 

Over the next couple of months we will be deploying new conversational and dialogue models for advancing human-AI interaction. The models will be accessible via our APIs.

Therefore, stay tuned for further updates.

About Play AI

Play AI is an applied Voice AI research company specializing in realtime conversational agents and voice interfaces.

Play AI aims to make AI Voice technology accessible and easy to adopt. The Play AI platform enables users to build delightful and capable AI Voice Agents for personal and business use cases. Play AI API provides developers an AI Voice stack that can be integrated into any AI agent, application or device.


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