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April 22, 2024

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Introducing AI Voice Agents

You can now create end-to-end voice agents on PlayAI and for your personal and business use. AI is tending to be most useful in helping out users with their queries and carrying out tasks on their behalf. This becomes immensely useful for businesses as you can now use agents to help your customers.

Voice agents on PlayAI can be created in minutes and deployed on websites or phone to help users.

Your agents need to speak like a human

One of the most important aspects we at PlayAI focus on is the voice of agents. It just needs to be indistinguishable from human speech.

Because what we've learned as users ourselves is people engage and open up conversations if they can relate to and like the voice on the other end.

One of the company's we serve conducted a study where they measured our AI Voices vs humans were 23% more engaged and satisfied.

Clone a voice or choose from a library of conversational voices

You can easily clone any voice or choose from an updating library of pre-built voices to be the voice of your agent. At PlayAI we specialize in conversational voice models that can capture any voice or accent.

The other important aspect we focus on is to make sure our voices "conversational" in nature. It's important to us that our voices talk like a human with all the nuances and inconsistencies of human speech.

Train agents on your company knowledge

Easily upload documents, audio recordings or connect your help desk and your agents will be able to parse and learn about your company.

Consider your agent to be your new employee. The more information you provide the better it will learn. And once the agent is deployed and interacting with customers, it will learn and improve as time goes on.

Deploy your agents to web or phone

You'll be able to deploy your agents on your website along with your chat tool, or on any phone number. You'll be able to connect your existing phone number as well.

We'll be adding more ways to make your agents accessible to your customers. So stay tuned!

About Play AI

Play AI is an applied Voice AI research company specializing in realtime conversational agents and voice interfaces.

Play AI aims to make AI Voice technology accessible and easy to adopt. The Play AI platform enables users to build delightful and capable AI Voice Agents for personal and business use cases. Play AI API provides developers an AI Voice stack that can be integrated into any AI agent, application or device.

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