Create Agent Updates

April 20, 2024

Simplifying Agent Creation

We've simplified the form for creating agents. It now has less fields and we've also added two templates -

  1. For professional agents

  2. For fun and character agents

This makes it easy to customize agent behavior.

Next up, we plan to add a lot more templates to further simplify agent creation, and give you the ability to choose different behavior without much work.

Added 20+ new conversational voices

We also added new voices with different accents - African American, Texas, Southern and a few European English speaking accents. Do check them out. Of course, you can clone any voice or accent.

Next up we'll be adding multiple languages!

About Play AI

Play AI is an applied Voice AI research company specializing in realtime conversational agents and voice interfaces.

Play AI aims to make AI Voice technology accessible and easy to adopt. The Play AI platform enables users to build delightful and capable AI Voice Agents for personal and business use cases. Play AI API provides developers an AI Voice stack that can be integrated into any AI agent, application or device.


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